What is ITC coin?How to Buy??

Inspired by the success of all the coins in the 2021 bull market, hundreds of new crypto coins have been released recently. However, not all of these coins have a useful function or value, but some unique coins do. One such promising coin called the IAM TRONZ(ITC) has recently been launched.

What is ITC Coin??

ITC is the first token with end to end solution for gaming portal on blockchain. ITC has launched many gaming portals.ITC is currently running international crowdfunding plaform with a thanks giving crypto currency model. The best about Tronz is we only focus on our product and strive hard to list ITC as industries No.1 gaming token. The total Supply is 360,00,000 tokens. ITC plan to launch gaming app and more services.

ITC Price

ITC is a fairly new cryptocurrency, its price has the potential to go up or down in any direction in the future. Many crypto experts have given price predictions for ITCToken. The price of ITC Token stands now $ 0.041. ITC could go up to $ 1 as per company road map. Wallet Investor predicts that ITC could reach a high price. However, crypto price predictions should be taken with a grain of salt.

How to buy ITC

Now ITC coin is trading on Vietnam based exchange and Indian exchange with ITC/BTC, ITC/INR,ITC/USDT Pairs. Open account in exchanges and can trade ITC Coins.
Posted On: Jun 09, 2021

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